9 Best RingCentral Alternatives for Small Businesses (2023)

When it comes to finding the best RingCentral alternatives, business owners have a plethora of options to choose from. Each alternative offers unique features and benefits that cater to different needs within the small-to-medium business landscape.

From advanced analytics capabilities and seamless CRM integration to AI-powered Voice Intelligence technology, these alternatives provide robust solutions for businesses seeking an efficient communication platform.

Moreover, you can expect exceptional call quality and customer support across all providers mentioned in our list.

All these reasons may lead some customers to seek RingCentral alternatives. In this article, I will list the 9 best RingCentral alternatives for you to find the most suitable VoIP provider for you.

Why Choose RingCentral

RingCentral is a popular VoIP provider known for its extensive phone support coverage in numerous countries and integrations with other apps like Slack. However, some users may prefer alternative VoIP services due to various factors such as cost, specific features, or customer support quality.

The Benefits of RingCentral

  • Global Coverage: RingCentral offers phone support in over 100 countries, ensuring your business has top-notch international communications.
  • App Integrations: Easily connect your favorite tools like Salesforce and Zendesk through the App Gallery, streamlining communication across platforms.
  • User-friendly Interface: The intuitive dashboard makes it simple to manage calls, messages, and meetings from one central location.
  • All-in-One Solution: Rather than juggling multiple services for voice calls, video conferencing, team messaging, and more, businesses can consolidate their communications under one roof with RingCentral’s unified platform.

RingCentral’s cheapest plan starts at $19.99/month per user making it affordable for small businesses looking for reliable communication tools. The company has been around since 2003 and has established itself as one of the best providers in this space due to its top features like call recording, video meetings, and more.

Additionally, unlike some other alternatives listed below, RingCentral offers phone support and has a good reputation for customer service.

If these benefits align with your company’s needs but you’re still exploring alternatives before making a decision – fear not. I have compiled a list of the top RingCentral alternatives that could potentially serve as better fits depending on what you prioritize most when selecting a VoIP service provider.

What is The Best RingCentral Alternative?

1. Nextiva

Nextiva - best RingCentral alternatives

If you’re looking for a VoIP service provider that stands out among business phone systems due to its exceptional customer support, look no further than Nextiva.

Nextiva offers advanced analytics tools that provide valuable insights into your company’s communication patterns and performance metrics.

Data-driven reports offer the opportunity to make educated choices that can increase your team’s output and performance.

The platform provides a smooth connection to widely used CRM software, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

This seamless integration allows your sales and support teams to access essential customer information directly from their mobile apps, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall efficiency.

Moreover, Nextiva also provides unlimited voice calling within the United States along with robust call management tools such as auto-attendants, voicemail-to-email transcription services, and conference calling capabilities.


  • Mobile app integration: Nextiva offers a mobile app that integrates seamlessly with its desktop platform so you can take calls from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet device.
  • Advanced analytics: Detailed reports on things like call volume, average hold times, and agent performance metrics.
  • Call recording: This allows you to record calls for training purposes or to ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Nextiva pricing

  • Essential – $18.95/user/month
  • Professional – $22.95/user/month
  • Enterprise – $32.95/user/month

*Subscription plans vary depending on how many users you have

2. Dialpad

dialpad hero shot

Dialpad emerges as one of the best RingCentral alternatives due to its comprehensive suite of communication solutions designed specifically for modern business environments.

This VoIP software is a great choice for their US phone numbers. This is especially useful for businesses operating outside the United States.

Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence (Vi) technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide real-time transcription, sentiment analysis, and coaching during calls.

This feature helps businesses gain valuable insights into customer interactions and improve overall communication efficiency.

Dialpad offers native integration with Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Contacts – streamlining your team’s workflow by enabling seamless collaboration across multiple platforms.

Furthermore, Dialpad provides advanced call routing options alongside high-definition audio quality making it a reliable alternative for those seeking better telephony services than what RingCentral has on offer.


  • AI voice intelligence: This feature helps businesses gain valuable insights into customer interactions and improve overall communication efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with G Suite and Office 365: Ensures that users can access essential functions without having to switch between different apps constantly.
  • Enhanced call blocking: Uses machine learning algorithms to identify potential spam callers based on their phone number, name, and other identifying information.


dialpad pricing

  • Standard – $15/user/month
  • Pro – $25/user/month
  • Enterprise – You will have to contact Openphone for pricing.

3. 8×8

8x8 hero shot

If you’re looking for a RingCentral alternative that offers excellent call quality, customer support, and an easy-to-use platform, 8×8 is definitely worth considering.

8×8 offers similar features as RingCentral such as cloud phone systems and call center software solutions (with additional benefits like enhanced call blocking).

Comparison tests between multiple VoIP providers including RingCentral show that calls on 8×8 have consistently proven to sound clearer.

Furthermore, 8×8’s average customer support response time was shown to be the best among a comparison with various other VoIP providers.

8×8’s unified communication platform integrates voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into one easy-to-use solution. This can help streamline your existing tech stack by consolidating multiple applications into one.


  • Call Recording: With 8×8, you can easily record your calls for future reference or training purposes.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Unlike RingCentral’s cheapest plan which doesn’t offer phone support, with 8×8 you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager who can help answer any questions or concerns.
  • Unlimited Calling: Like most VoIP providers on this list, 8×8 offers unlimited voice calling within the US and Canada.


8x8 pricing

  • Express – $15/user/month
  • X2 – $24/user/month
  • X4 – $44/user/month

4. Ooma

Ooma hero shot

Ooma Office is a versatile VoIP provider that allows businesses to mix-and-match plans according to their specific needs, providing an attractive option for those looking for flexibility in their phone systems.

Unlike RingCentral, this VoIP provider offers flexible plan options and unique features making it a strong contender. Ooma Office offers a virtual receptionist feature, extension dialing, and call transfers.

Additionally, Ooma Office provides unlimited calls and internet fax services, and free number porting capabilities.

Ooma supports extension dialing, allowing employees to quickly connect with one another without needing full phone numbers. Moreover, it simplifies call transfers between team members so you can maintain smooth communication throughout your business operations.


  • Virtual receptionist: Streamlines call management by automatically directing callers to the appropriate department or employee based on pre-configured rules, ensuring efficient communication within your organization.
  • Advanced call routing: Ooma offers advanced call routing capabilities that allow businesses to customize how calls are routed based on time of day, location, and other factors.


Ooma pricing

  • Standard – $19.99/user/month
  • Enhanced – $27.99/user/month
  • Call Center – $49.99/user/month

5. Vonage

Vonage - hero shot

Vonage provides businesses with robust phone systems coupled with unlimited calls, SMS messages, and team collaboration tools, making it another strong contender in this space while offering unique benefits depending on your company’s needs.

As well as its comprehensive VoIP offerings, Vonage also includes video conferencing capabilities at no extra cost within all its plans.

With support for up to 100 participants per meeting and seamless integration with popular apps like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, Vonage Meetings ensures smooth collaboration across teams.

On top of that, Vonage offers flexible subscription plans, a mobile app, and a desktop app.

If you need a VoIP provider that meets your needs without sacrificing quality or features, Vonage is worth considering. Vonage provides phone support, call center solutions, and a unified communication platform.

Vonage offers a cheapest plan that includes unlimited voice calling, call recording, and visual voicemail.


  • Unlimited voice calling: Unlike RingCentral’s cheapest plan, which limits the number of minutes per user per month, Vonage’s unlimited call plans allow users to make unlimited domestic and international calls at no extra cost.
  • File sharing: This feature enables team members to share files in real-time during video meetings or chat sessions without having to switch between different apps.
  • Cost-effective: Vonage’s cheapest plan includes unlimited voice calling. With RingCentral’s cheapest plan, users have a limited number of minutes per month.


Vonage - pricing

  • Mobile – $19.99/line/month
  • Premium – $29.99/line/month
  • Advanced – $39.99/line/month

6. Phone.com

Phone.com - hero shot

If you’re searching for a cost-effective VoIP provider that includes unlimited calls within their plans, Phone.com is an excellent choice. This unique offering sets it apart from competitors like RingCentral and makes it particularly attractive to small-to-medium enterprises.

Phone.com provides robust call management capabilities such as auto-attendant functionality, call routing rules, voicemail transcription services, and more.

The platform also offers integration with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and Zoho CRM for streamlined customer interactions.

To cater to different business needs, Phone.com presents flexible pricing plans that can be tailored according to your requirements.

Overall, its competitive pricing combined with its rich features makes it one of the best RingCentral alternatives for those looking to save some money.


  • Supports video conferencing and group messaging: Phone.com’s comprehensive suite of communication tools allows your team to collaborate effectively through video conferences and group chats, ensuring seamless communication across the organization.
  • Customizable hold music options: To enhance caller experience, this platform enables businesses to choose from a variety of hold music options or even upload their own custom tracks.


Phone.com - pricing

  • Basic – $14.99/user/month
  • Plus – $19.99/user/month
  • Pro – $29.99/user/month

7. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect - hero shot

This cloud-based VoIP provider has built its reputation on delivering reliable communication solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes.

GoTo Connect offers users extensive customization options and high-quality telephony services, making it perfect for companies of any size.

In addition to its competitive pricing and ease of use, GoTo Connect boasts a robust set of features designed to enhance collaboration and productivity within your team.

For example, the platform includes built-in video conferencing capabilities through its sister product GoToMeeting, allowing seamless communication between remote employees or clients from any device.


  • User-friendly admin portal: GoTo Connect’s intuitive interface allows users to easily manage their phone system settings, call routing rules, and more without requiring technical expertise.
  • Scalable pricing structure based on users’ needs: Unlike some competitors that charge flat fees regardless of your business size or requirements, GoTo Connect offers tiered pricing plans – ensuring you only pay for what you need.


GoTo Connect - pricing

  • Basic – $27/user/month
  • Standard – $32/user/month

8. Mitel

Mitel - hero shot

Canadian company Mitel delivers a reliable cloud phone system tailored specifically towards small-to-medium enterprises’ unique requirements, providing advanced features that cater to your organization’s specific preferences.

This makes it an attractive alternative for businesses seeking a VoIP provider with robust functionality and flexibility.

If you’re looking for a VoIP provider that offers comprehensive phone system features and integrated collaboration solutions in one package, Mitel could be the perfect fit for your business needs.

I recommend Mitel for larger businesses as they are able to cater to their specific needs better. This is not the most cost-effective option for smaller businesses.


  • Auto attendant functionality: Create customized call routing options based on time of day, caller ID information, or other criteria. This ensures callers are directed efficiently to the appropriate department or team member within your organization.
  • Built-in team collaboration tools: Tools such as instant messaging and file sharing capabilities. These features enable seamless communication between employees and help boost productivity across the board.


*For those interested in Mitel’s subscription plans, you will have to get a quote from their sales team.

9. GrasshopperGrasshopper - hero shot

This is the best RingCentral alternative for those solely seeking a business phone service. Grasshopper does well in providing a service for those that run phone-intensive businesses.

Grasshopper’s platform is designed with ease-of-use in mind, making it simple for small business owners who don’t have much technical knowledge to set up and manage their phone system.

The dashboard provides quick access to all the features you need, including call forwarding, voicemail management, and more.

You can easily customize your settings based on your specific needs using an intuitive interface that requires no coding or programming skills.

In general, Grasshopper has all the bells and whistles that you need from a VoIP. The reason Grasshopper scores so low on our list of the best RingCentral alternatives is that it is not the best option when it comes to scaling your business.

If your business requires advanced call center software like automatic call distribution (ACD) or interactive voice response (IVR), then Grasshopper might not be suitable for you because it does not offer these solutions in its packages compared to other providers like Dialpad and Vonage.


  • Flexible subscription plans: Unlike RingCentral’s cheapest plan which limits certain features, Grasshopper offers three different subscription plans that cater to businesses with varying needs and budgets.
  • No hardware required: With Grasshopper, there’s no need to purchase any additional hardware as it can join your stack of mobile apps or even use its dedicated desktop app.


Grasshopper - pricing

  • Solo – $31 per month
  • Partner – $51 per month
  • Small business – $89 per month


What is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider that offers phone systems, call center software, and video conferencing for small to medium businesses.

With its unified communication platform, RingCentral provides telephony services through the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

Key Features of RingCentral:

  • Ring Groups: Allows you to route calls to specific groups within your organization based on criteria such as department or location.
  • Cloud Phone System: Provides an easy-to-use platform for managing all aspects of your business communications from one place.
  • Visual Voicemail: Enables users to see voicemails in their inbox and listen directly from their computer or mobile device without dialing into a separate system.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Offers personalized support with a dedicated account manager who can help you get the most out of your service plan.

RingCentral has plans that offer unlimited calls and mobile apps that allow users to make and receive calls using their business number on the go.

They also provide customer support via phone or online chat 24/7 which makes it easier for customers to reach them whenever they need assistance with any issues they might be facing while using the software.

Who is RingCentral’s biggest competitor?

RingCentral’s biggest competitor is arguably Nextiva, which offers a similar range of features and services for businesses. Both companies provide cloud-based phone systems, team collaboration tools, and customer support solutions.

However, Nextiva stands out with its exceptional customer service and tailored plans for small businesses.

What are the Cheapest RingCentral Alternatives?

After reviewing our list of the best RingCentral alternatives, we found that Phone.com offers the cheapest offer.

Other VoIP providers have cheaper plans when you are billed annually but we found that Phone.com is the cheapest overall.

Most of the VoIP providers we mentioned have a free trial so feel free to try them out and see what works best for your business!


After reviewing the best RingCentral alternatives listed above, it’s clear that there are plenty of options available for small to medium-sized businesses looking for reliable communication software.

Each alternative offers unique features and benefits, such as advanced analytics capabilities from Nextiva or video conferencing included in Vonage plans.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on factors such as pricing structure, integration with other platforms, and mobile app support. Consider factors like pricing structure, integration with other platforms, and mobile app support when making your decision.

I recommend you use Nextiva as your VoIP of choice because we found the service they provide to be superior. They are a market leader because they deliver quality so consistently.

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