7 Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools in 2023 (Small to Medium Businesses)

Use WhatsApp bulk sender software to elevate your business to another level. You may be leaving a lot on the table if you decide not to use a WhatsApp bulk sender.

It is by far the biggest messaging platform, and you should use that to your advantage. 100 billion messages pass through WhatsApp chats a day!

Some individuals have built entire businesses off WhatsApp marketing alone. It is a very powerful marketing tool if you use the right bulk WhatsApp sender.

WhatsApp is a great tool to deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Your customers will feel like their needs are met, meaning that you keep those customers paying you in the future.

Getting the right WhatsApp marketing software is crucial for taking your business to another level. In this article, I have listed and compared different best bulk WhatsApp senders in 2022.

Bulk WhatsApp sender

What is a Bulk WhatsApp Sender?

A WhatsApp bulk sender makes the process of reaching out to customers on WhatsApp much easier. Instead of sending individual messages to each of your contacts, a bulk sender can send hundreds of messages at the click of a button.

This is possible with WhatsApp’s business API. This was released for software developers to work with and create a messaging platform dedicated to WhatsApp users.

If you are reading this, you are most likely not a software developer, the software I am about to list have already done the hard work for you. It is just up to you to choose the one that fits your needs.

Not many businesses are making use of this software, meaning there is less competition for you. With 98% open rates, you don’t need to think twice about getting a bulk WhatsApp sender.

WhatsApp bulk senders will enable you to send numerous messages that can contain engaging media and text to keep your customers interested in your business.

What is The Best Bulk WhatsApp Sender?


WATI chatbot

I choose WATI to be the number one WhatsApp bulk sender because of its intuitiveness. It is an extremely easy-to-use platform and I’m sure that you will easily find all of its features easy to use.

You get what you pay for with WATI. Although it is one of the more expensive bulk senders, it is worth it. I have other cheaper options but if you want to maximize effectiveness, you should use WATI.

Your WhatsApp campaigns will be very easy to design and deliver. You can make multiple different messaging campaigns to test and see whichever is most effective.

Chatbots are an amazing feature of WATI, you do not need any coding knowledge to set them up. Just use the built-in interface to give the bot commands.

If you are more familiar with coding, WATI provides an interface for you to go more in-depth into the API and customize it to your liking.


  • No code chatbot
  • Very user friendly
  • You are not expected to know how to code
  • Shared team inbox


  • Basic – $99 per month
  • Pro – $129 per month
  • Enterprise – $390 per month

2. Respond.io

Respond.io (Bulk WhatsApp Sender)

This comes in second because it does not solely focus on WhatsApp for its services. This does not mean it is a bad bulk WhatsApp sender.

I really like Respond.io because of its amazing user-friendly interface. If you’re working alone or with a team, everyone will be accustomed to the dashboard and its features very easily.

Respond.io is an omnichannel marketing platform that has WhatsApp as one of the customer channels that it supports. This means it can replace the other software you use to communicate with your clients.

As an omnichannel platform, it aims to bring all of your touchpoints onto one dashboard to communicate with your customers.

Because it is an omnichannel platform, their team’s focus on WhatsApp is not as centered as some of the other options on this list. Thus, their support for WhatsApp marketing is not optimal.


  • Omnichannel platform
  • Free account with up to 100 contacts
  • Custom inboxes to group contacts


  • Team – $79 per month
  • Business – $149 per month
  • Enterprise – For mid to large companies, you should contact Respond.io’s sales team

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue Home

This bulk WhatsApp sender is like Respond.io in the aspect of being an omnichannel platform. Sendinblue aims to be a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

In terms of WhatsApp marketing, Sendinblue has a dedicated platform just for creating WhatsApp campaigns. They have also partnered up with meta to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp support on their platform.

When you sign-up with Sendinblue, you will be astonished at how many features and platforms it can support. What’s nice about all this is the fluidity that is maintained throughout the communication process with your customers.

If your business utilizes many communication channels (email, SMS, etc.) you should sign up with Sendinblue and discover all the other ways you can connect with your customers.


  • Supports email, SMS, and other social media platforms
  • Seamless WhatsApp Business API integration
  • Omnichannel solution


  • Sendinblue has a free plan for you to use.
  • Starter – $25 per month
  • Business – $65 per month
  • Enterprise (large businesses) – Starts from $1000 per month

4. Interakt

Interakt Cart

Unlike the previous 2 marketing platforms, interakt is solely zoned in on being a bulk WhatsApp sender. This means that their entire team knows all the ins and outs of the WhatsApp business API.

If you are running a business with eCommerce capabilities, you need to get interakt. They have features to turn your WhatsApp chats into sales catalogs!

You can also set up a single dashboard for your team to be able to answer all of your contacts’ inquiries quickly and efficiently.

If you are selling items online, you can have your customers get automatic order updates on their WhatsApp to make the purchase process even more convenient.

This is an affordable option with plans starting from $15 per month!


  • Integrates with most eCommerce platforms
  • Shared team inbox
  • Automated shipping and order updates


  • Starter – $15 per month
  • Growth – $65 per month
  • Advanced – $45 per month

5. AiSensy

AiSensy Home

It was difficult to choose interakt over AiSensy, both are amazing bulk WhatsApp senders, but interakt excels when it comes to eCommerce capabilities.

AiSensy is wonderful for creating and optimizing WhatsApp campaigns. Their analytics catered towards WhatsApp message performance allows you to tweak and perfect your marketing strategy.

Even when it comes to eCommerce, AiSensy has predesigned funnels designed to convert more of your visitors into customers. For instance, they have a simple sales funnel dedicated to converting abandoned carts.

You can even retarget your contact lists for more effective WhatsApp marketing campaigns. The valuable data the AiSensy provides makes it a really good value bulk WhatsApp sender.


  • WhatsApp retargeting campaigns
  • Integrated customer payment via WhatsApp
  • Supports other marketing channels


AiSensy offers all their services on a credit system based on the number of contacts you have:

  • 2000 contacts – Rs 999 per month
  • 5000 contacts – Rs 2750 per month
  • 10,000 contacts – Rs 5500 per month
  • 20,000 contacts – Rs 10,000 per month

6. Zoko

Zoko dashboard

With Zoko, you can assign different customers and contacts to different agents. This way, your customers will receive a more personalized experience as their issues will be addressed by one person.

Zoko can also turn your WhatsApp chat into a conversion page. They seamlessly integrate payment options into WhatsApp messages to allow your customers to make purchases on the chat.

This option is solely focused on being a bulk WhatsApp sender, providing all the WhatsApp marketing tools you need.

Zoko is so far down the list because of its focus on Shopify. While it may support other eCommerce platforms, it has a heavy focus on Shopify. So, it might not be the best bulk WhatsApp sender if your business is not set up on Shopify.


  • Designed for Shopify businesses
  • Great for eCommerce companies
  • Integrated payments to WhatsApp messages


  • Starter – $34.99 per month
  • Team – $54.99 per month
  • Pro – $109.99 per month
  • Business – $219.99 per month

7. WebEngage


If you need software solely to be a bulk WhatsApp sender, I definitely do not recommend WebEngage. I have this on the list for those who utilize other marketing channels.

This comes with some downsides like not being able to directly access your WhatsApp chats from the WebEngage platform.

WebEngage is an omnichannel marketing platform that has recently added WhatsApp business to its list of marketing channels.

It supports the ability to create and launch WhatsApp marketing campaigns. You should be interested in WebEngage if you would like to directly compare the performance of your WhatsApp campaigns with campaigns from other platforms.


  • Not ideal for WhatsApp-based businesses
  • Create WhatsApp campaigns
  • Automated responses


To use WebEngage’s WhatsApp marketing tool, you will have to request a quote.


A bulk WhatsApp sender can be an amazing marketing tool if used correctly. It is a fairly new and untapped marketing form that you should take advantage of.

People are constantly on their phones and use their email less often than they use WhatsApp. So, you can get close and personal with your customers and have them be more engaged with your brand.

If you do not think that a bulk WhatsApp sender is worth it, why not test the software for free? Most of the bulk WhatsApp senders I have listed have free trials with no credit card required

Overall, I think WATI is the best bulk WhatsApp sender because of its amazing UI. Furthermore, the team at WATI is laser-focused on delivering the best WhatsApp services for business. You can contact their team to get a green tick on WhatsApp to be more trusted by your customers.

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