7 Best Selling Items on Etsy in 2023

As the world of ecommerce grows, opportunists like you can capitalize on upcoming opportunities. Unlike Amazon or eBay, Etsy is an e-commerce platform that thrives with customizable and vintage items. With Etsy, you can turn a hobby into a money-making machine.

To build a sustainable income on Etsy, you need to find the products people are already looking for. This way, you minimize the risk of your product not working. In this article, I listed the best selling items on Etsy in 2022.

The products I have listed have been trending lately and are likely to remain popular. Your job is to choose whichever product fits your capabilities best and maximizes your profit potential.

What Types of Products to Sell on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace catered towards individuals and small businesses. Its algorithm favors those with less publicity and thus makes it great for individuals trying to make some extra money.

Do not underestimate the value of your work. Having your crafts on display on Etsy will show you what people think about your work. You would be surprised how many people are willing to buy your works of art.

Etsy is great for monetizing your existing skills and hobbies, the money you make on the platform will motivate you to master those skills. Buyers come to the platform expecting to find personalized and unique products, all you have to do is deliver!

What are the Best Selling Items on Etsy?

1. Stickers

Stickers (Best selling items on etsy)

Stickers are the hottest product on Etsy right now. If you can manage some basic graphic design, this can be a very easy and manageable product to make. You don’t need a warehouse to store the stickers, all your inventory can fit in a drawer.

By selling stickers, you can either create the designs yourself or have customers make their custom request for what they want their stickers to look like. However, it is best to have both options on your Etsy store.

If you’re trying to ride the hype train but cannot make your stickers, you can always outsource the work to professionals, so you don’t have to worry about perfecting the product.

By outsourcing the job, you have more options for what you can sell your customers. For example. you can sell traditional stickers, iron-on stickers, and even temporary tattoos.

2. Resume Templates

Applying for a job carries a lot of value for unemployed people. They are willing to pay big money to secure themselves a solid job. This means that there is a strong demand for high-quality resume templates.

Having a good resume template means that a potential employee has a higher chance of being shortlisted for an interview. Your customers would be people looking for unique templates to fit the jobs they are applying for.

Making custom resume templates helps job seekers secure financial security. The average price for a template on Etsy is $8, but it costs you nothing to make one. The profit margins on this product are massive and there is no need for storage.

3. Custom Jewelry

The demand for jewelry has been around for centuries. E-commerce has just come around and changed the dynamic of the market. Position yourself on Etsy as a professional jewelry seller and the orders will start rolling in.

In the jewelry industry, quality is of top priority. Make sure to maintain quality throughout all your business. For this, you can outsource your production to other professionals.

From the photos you have on your listing to the product itself, maintaining high quality allows you to charge a higher price for your products.

Jewelry is selling well on Etsy as people like to buy them as gifts for their significant other. For instance, a very popular sub-niche is necklaces with names on them.

4. Crochet

This product allows you to show off your artistic touch. The realm of crochet has no boundaries for what you can sell. It can be anything from bags or sweaters or even home decor, your imagination is your limit.

Most people do crochet as just a fun hobby, and if you’re like most, all your finished projects just end up in a corner of the house. Etsy gives you a way to still enjoy your hobby whilst also making money off of it.

How you price your projects is up to you. To get a reference for how much you should price your products, have a look at the search results for your product category.

5. Digital Planner

We live in a digital age, and every traditional practice is being transformed into a digital space. Planners are no exception. People enjoy using their e-calendars and making notes digitally.

Digital planners are selling well on Etsy because people like the aesthetic appeal of the customized designs found on the platform. You will need some skills in graphic design to be able to create unique planners that people will like.

Digital products are some of the best products to sell on Etsy because of the cost of running the business. There is no need for special inventory management, and you only need to make the product once.

6. Vintage products

Instead of just collecting dust, you can sell those vintage items you have at home. This is a great way to make a quick penny. Depending on the product you plan on selling, vintage items sell for amazing prices.

If you do not have any vintage items to sell, you can trade the vintage items and make a profit on the difference in pricing. Take a trip to your nearest garage sale and pick up some gems that would sell for a lot on Etsy.

The retro appeal has been rising in popularity. Some popular vintage products include old coins, vintage rugs, and vintage tables to name a few.

7. Graphic Design

Most graphic design listings on Etsy are selling custom designs. Typically, your customers would want a custom-made logo. The customer base on Etsy comes to you because they are expecting something less professional and a warm feel to their logos.


The clientele of Etsy is artistic individuals, who have an eye for cool and edgy designs. Handmade and personal effort is appreciated on the platform. Thankfully, it is exactly these types of products that perform the best.

The best selling items on Etsy come from individuals and small businesses. You will rarely see a big corporation performing well on the platform.

If you think you have no skills, the internet is an endless platform where you can learn anything about everything. A quick Google search will show you all you need to know about a topic. You can also watch YouTube videos for detailed tutorials.

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