35 Best Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Now

The best side hustle ideas in 2022

So you want to build an income on the side to be able to quit your job and achieve financial freedom. What I have done is compile a list of all the side hustle ideas that you can do in 2022.

What you need to become successful

To be able to execute all these ideas, you will need the right mindset to be able to have the purpose and reason to take action. You need to be in the right headspace to be productive and disciplined enough to make money through these side hustles. The more productive you are, the quicker and easier all these side hustles become.

All of these have proven to work and people have been able to make these side hustles their full-time source of income.

My Top Picks for Side Hustle Ideas

1. Dropshipping

This is one of the best business ideas that you can start today with little or no money. What you will do in dropshipping is develop an e-commerce website and sell products through this website.

Here’s the catch; you never have to touch any of these products yourself. The supplier handles all the inventory management and fulfillment.

2. Become an Influencer (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok)

Here’s one for the people that enjoy being in the spotlight. Build your digital footprint through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok and make money through multiple methods.

In terms of budget, it is almost nonexistent because all you need is just a camera to shoot content. Over time you will build an audience that you can use to your advantage.

3. Theme Pages

If you want to become an influencer and still maintain a high degree of privacy, theme pages are the option for you. You can develop a massive audience on any social media platform just by reposting content. Over time, you can monetize this audience to make a living.

4. Create a YouTube Channel

By making a youtube channel, you decide if you want to show your face or not. So you have the option to maintain privacy. An example of this is youtube channels that just make compilation videos. You can run ads on these videos and make money.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers make the easiest money online. All they do is redirect people to a sales page and they make a commission off of people’s purchases. You can market products through paid sources and organic sources.

Affiliate programs like ClickBank or Digistore24 make finding these products to sell very easy.

6. Blogging

Blogging involves writing blog posts and making money through monetizing your traffic. You can run ads on your website and earn ad revenue for every person that sees the ad. Alternatively, you can include affiliate links in your blog posts and make a commission on their purchases.

7. Start Investing

There are many forms of investing and you can make money by making use of any one of them. Day trading is riskier and has faster returns, while value investing is more long-term and less risky.

With this method, you can spend less time working and make your money work for you.

8. Become a Freelancer

Make good use of your skills, go to freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr and offer your skills for people to buy. Sell your services and make quick money. Some people make their living completely off of freelancing!

9. Social Media Management

Another way you can sell your services is by being a social media manager. Businesses have social media pages that need to be managed. That’s where you come in. You can make a living by just posting their content regularly.

10. Become an Uber Driver

Another easy way to make money is by signing up for a ride-sharing platform like Uber or Lyft. These apps pay you to use your car to take people where they want to go.

Side Hustle Ideas (Uber)

11. Sign Up for a Delivery Service

Similarly, you can sign up for a delivery platform like Uber Eats and just deliver food instead of delivering people. This is perfect for people who don’t want to deal with people in their cars

12. Airbnb Manager

This is an easy way to get into real estate without having to put up the money upfront. Your job is to get into contact with real estate owners and list their places on Airbnb. You take a small cut of the rent.

13. Transcribe Videos

As long as you can speak and type in English, you can do this. Many platforms connect transcribers to people that want their videos transcribed. It is yet another very easy way to make money online.

14. Car Detailing

Through online marketing, you can scale this beyond belief. You can start small by just cleaning your neighbors’ vehicles. With the power of online marketing, you can show off your skills and get the attention of the whole neighborhood!

15. Sell Handmade Jewelry

Hobbies like arts and crafts can be easily monetizable. Sell your work on sites like Etsy and have the public marvel at your craft. With just some creativity, this can be a fun and easy side hustle for most.

16. Sell Custom T-Shirts

Monetize your creativity by adding your custom twist to clothing. Platforms like Etsy make it easy to customize shirts and sell them online. Make cool-looking designs and market them online and make money without much effort.

17. Start Babysitting

This is a more old-school form of making money. You could do elderly care in which you would be looking after older people and catering to their needs. Otherwise, you can get into contact with busy parents that need their children taken care of.

18. Dog Walking

People are getting lazier nowadays, they would rather have someone else walk their dog for them. That’s where you come in. Earn upwards of $45 an hour just to walk your neighbor’s dog. Approach your neighbors with your offer and you’d be surprised at how many of them are willing to pass their furry friends over.

19. Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is a satisfying and interesting job. With a small investment, it is very easy to find clients. This means that you will almost always be able to make your money back.

20. Clean Driveways

Driveway maintenance is on the rise because of TikTok. It is another satisfying form of making money because of the grand changes you would make to people’s dirty driveways. After investing some money into the cleaning equipment, just look for dirty driveways in your neighborhood.

21. Buy a Vending Machine

This is one of the most popular forms of passive income. After setting up a vending machine, all that is required of you is to make monthly check-ups on the machine to take out the money and refill it with stock.

22. Own a Bubble Gum Dispenser

Similar to vending machines, this is another way of creating a passive income stream. The one advantage this has over vending machines is that it requires a lower initial investment.

23. Become a Real Estate Agent

Become a mediator and deliver people their dream homes. There is an ever-growing real estate market and sellers need to be connected with people that are willing to buy property. You be the middleman and take a large cut home when you make a sale.

24. Sell Your Photos

Websites like Shutterstock sell stock photo licenses to businesses. However, they need somewhere to get those stock photos from. If you have a talent for photography, you can reach out to these stock photo companies and make yourself a healthy income.

25. Become an Online Model

People that sell their products online need professional models to show off their products. Sign up on Fiverr and people will reach out to you with their offers. You will then be sent their product and get paid for the job. Usually, you will receive guidelines on what the content should look like, making your job just that much easier.

26. Become a Developer

People with programming skills are in high demand. But you don’t need to be a programmer to become a developer. If you have the creativity and the skills to make a website using a site builder, you can become a website developer.

If you are more skilled, you can start developing apps for large companies and make hefty sums of money.

27. Resume Writer

The competition in parts of the labor market is high. So the importance of having an excellent resume is ever-increasing. People are willing to pay others just to perfect their resumes. You can develop this to become a very successful side hustle once you master the contents of an optimal resume.

28. Content Writer

Businesses with an online presence need content writers to fill out their online pages. Whether landing pages or blogs, business owners don’t have the time to write up thousands of words of content so you can get paid to do it for them.

29. Translator

If you are multilingual, you have an edge over most of the world’s population. So why don’t you try and monetize such a valuable skill? You can sign up to Upwork and find many gigs where people need text or speech to be translated.

30. Tutoring

This is another business model that has shifted some of its focus online. If you hold a bachelor’s degree, you have a big advantage. Sign up to websites like Tutor.com to connect with other students willing to pay for your expertise.

31. Virtual Assistant

Successful business owners have a lot on their plate, they always need someone to be on their side handling most administrative tasks. Virtual assistants are usually hired part-time and have to work minimal hours.

32. Flipping Items

People are finding success through buying and selling items on the online market. One method that is widely adopted is buying up cheap products on clearance isles in stores like Costco and Walmart. These people then quickly sell them for their market value on eBay and make a quick profit!

33. Mining Crypto Coins

With the recent boom in the crypto market, mining the actual coins has become much more profitable. There are many methods by which you can mine crypto. The most efficient and widespread method is to buy a crypto mining device that can range from $500 – $1000. You can then sell these coins on the market and convert them to dollars.

34. Crypto Mining Apps

The availability of crypto mining apps just goes to show the widespread availability of ways to make money online. It is as simple as downloading an app on your phone or tablet and allowing it to run overnight. The amount of money you will make through this method will depend on the fluctuation of the crypto market.

35. Personal Trainer

If you are a fitness person and are willing to share your experience and skills for some money, why not become a personal trainer? You can become a completely online personal trainer and give people instructions via Zoom. Otherwise, you can be a more traditional personal trainer and market your offerings online.

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